group IMC

Nine Circles IMC 1

Nine Circles IMC

“Get Pricked” is an Integrated Marketing Campaign created by Jackie Doming, Courtney Brecht, and I for Nine Circles Community Health Centre (NCCHC). NCCHC communicated that they wanted a playful campaign to kick-off Sexual Health Awareness Week. As a team we came up with the big idea of “Get Pricked,” a fun and quirky message to promote a serious conversation of getting tested for STI/STDs.

My role in this campaign was to define our target audiences, determine measures of success, the outdoor creative strategy, and designing the iGotPricked iPhone app.

This campaign was selected third overall by the client.

FINAL PDFnocrops 1

FriendMatch IMC

FriendMatch is an Integrated Marketing Campaign that the advertising majors and public relations majors worked on together. We were split into three groups and tasked to come up with three different campaigns in one month, using both public relations tactics and a strategic advertising campaign. Our target cities are Vancouver, Toronto, and Winnipeg and we were given $10,000 to work with.

We focused our efforts on rebranding the look, feel, and target audiences for FriendMatch. After one month, each group pitched their ideas to our client Katie Hartle and she took home the written proposals. Our IMC “Where Friendships Spark,” was selected by Katie for the best overall campaign.

My role for this IMC was developing the entire Creative Strategy and Rationale, and pitching these ideas to Katie during the client presentation.




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