the kettleThis ad for the kettle was inspired by the documentary “Objectified.” The challenge was to make a print ad for an everyday object and persuade the audience to enjoy something that they already own. The kettle has been in existence since the 1800’s and it is enjoyed by people around the world, so let’s turn it on and enjoy it.


“It’s Tulle Time” was a poster ad created for Creative Communication’s annual Magazine Fair, where my group was presenting our young women’s alternative magazine Black Tutu Magazine. This poster was selected 3rd overall by a graphic design judge.


“Flavour Wave” is an outdoor media treatment for Fort Garry Brewing Company’s Kona Imperial Stout brew. The goal was to introduce Fort Garry Brewing Company (FGB) to the Alberta and Saskatchewan markets, targeting men aged 30-50 that drink beer based on quality and taste, not price. The focus for this campaign was to promote the Brewmaster Series and Kona Imperial Stout.

The idea behind “Flavour Wave” is to introduce FGB Brewmaster Series to the Alberta and Saskatchewan markets. Our creative strategy for this outdoor advertising campaign is to communicate that FGB’s Kona Imperial Stout is paradise in a bottle. As a prairie company we know how cold it gets in Canada, and a tropical vacation to the Big Island isn’t always feasible. But, escaping for a few moments and getting lost in the full-bodied flavour of 50 pounds of rich roasted coffee beans, two types of hops, and 10 different malts, is possible with Kona Imperial Stout by FGB.


This print ad for Harley-Davidson Winnipeg was created for Black Tutu Magazine. The goal for this piece was to target young women who are interested in riding motorcycles.


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