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mid week motivation


I recently read an article in TIME magazine about Sheryl Sandberg and her mission to light a little fire under all of us women hoping for a successful future in business.

I encourage you to read the article and watch the video. I have been watching a lot of different videos lately, trying to prepare for my TEDxYouth talk coming up in April. Her talk is a great reminder for all of us to prioritize what is important, and that it is okay to be successful and feel good about it.

In her TED Talk she addresses three points key points for young women trying to work their way to the top:

1. Sit at the table.
2. Make your partner a real partner.
3. Don’t leave before you leave.

If you want to know what she is really talking about check out the video.

The one that really hit home for me was #1 – Sit at the table. She brings up incredible points about how women often attribute their own success to external factors, like having help from others and downplaying their own role in achieving success. We all receive support from others but this assistance should never overshadow the role we have in our own accomplishments.

I definitely recommend reading the article and watching the video. Worth it for not only women, but anyone that needs some mid week motivation – especially during exams!


My Talented Pals


Kristin Pauls – Family to Farm Documentary

Last week was the Creative Communications Independent Professional Project Presentations and there were some incredible projects. Take a look some of my favourite trailers and videos!

Terry Proveda – Going to X-tremes – The Billy Borys Documentary

Suzy Bodiroga – Poster “They Call Us Gypsies”


One of my best pals Sam Schriemer is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Textiles and Design from the University of Manitoba this spring. She recently found out she will be interning in Philadelphia this summer and asked that she send them a link to her online portfolio. The only problem is that she doesn’t have one. She called me up and asked if I could make her one. I decided to put my “skills” to the test and design a full branding package for her to use.

Here are some of the design elements.





check out the full website at www.samschriemer.com

tea for 450

Last weekend I hosted my first tea party since the age of 5 and it was attended by 450 people, as opposed to my 30 stuffed animals that used to join me. It was such an incredible feeling to see a year of planning all come together for an afternoon of delicious fancy sandwiches and pastries, inspirational speeches, and talented performers. Together, we raised over $33,000 for the HSC Adult Eating Disorders Program. Not bad considering the original goal was to break $7,000. Here are some photos from the event, thank you to all of those who supported.ImageImageTea_for ED  725Tea_for ED  704

Tea_for ED  731Tea_for ED  720Tea_for ED  732 Tea_for ED  733Tea_for ED  739 Tea_for ED  742 Tea_for ED  751Tea_for ED  755

Everyone could use some HARMONY in their life

I mean it. You need some  HARMONY. Each and every one of you reading this blog. Of course I am not speaking of the kind of harmony where one searches for peace and balance in their life. We all know that is a stretch. I am talking about HARMONY tea!


A few months ago I had the privilege to get to know all of the great people at Cornelia Bean (417 Academy Road). I asked them if they would be interested in working with me to create a tea to raise money for the HSC Adult Eating Disorders Program.

Now here we are just a few short months later with a special blend of tea called HARMONY. All of the proceeds go directly to tea for E|D – my IPP and fundraiser for the Adult Eating Disorders Program.

It is a delicious rooibos and tulsi blend of blueberry, cranberry, hibiscus, lavender, and rose petals to name a few of the ingredients. Perfect for these – 40 temperatures we’ve been having.


Bags of HARMONY are only $10 and you can find it at Red River College’s Princess Street campus store, The Mercantile and at Cornelia Bean at 417 Academy Road.

Stay warm!

IKEA Caramba

I am one of those rare newbees to the IKEA world, and probably one of few Winnipeggers to not make it there before the New Year. I have also never been to an IKEA anywhere else. I have heard some glory and horror stories, and I’ve heard of the Swedish meatballs. What I hadn’t heard about was some of the meatballs that run the place.

In all fairness this is a newer establishment in the city and one that must employ hundreds of staff members, whom are easy to spot in their bright yellow and blue uniforms. What you should know is that though the staff is there to point and herd you down the isles and help you locate the item you are looking for, they are not there to help beyond that…”because normally people come with someone.”

Maybe it was just a rookie IKEA mistake on my part, but I made the bold decision of going to pick up 64 vases for my fundraising event, solo. I guess I assumed that because people would go there to pick up entire living rooms and bedroom suites, that they must have a cart or something to move 64 vases from the showroom to the loading zone…never assume.

I walked up to the glass decor section and began moving around vases to try and get a palette to place mine on. When I finally unloaded the palette and placed it on my cart, I realized that it was too long to sit on the flatbed carts. I again assumed that IKEA would have a similar set up to the large orange Costco carts that fit just about anything on them. Did I mention never assume yet?

I flagged someone down and asked if they had bigger carts. “No, sorry you may have to make some trips.” To which I replied, “ohh really, but I just came by myself.” “oh is this for a wedding? Because most people come with someone for things like that.” No actually it is for a fundraiser, you know? Those events where you do something nice for someone else?

The second person I asked for help said that glass decor wasn’t their department. Great.

The third time was somewhat the charm, for this phase anyways. Tammy, whoever you are at IKEA, you deserve something. A promotion, a raise, employee of the month, something. When I asked Tammy for help she went and got some smaller palettes from other sections that would fit on the dinky carts they provide. She helped me stack and load 5 palettes of vases onto my crap cart for 15-20 minutes. What a gem. 


I dragged the shitty, heavy cart through the rest of the maze, desperately trying to avoid toddler casualties. When I got to the check out the lovely gentleman behind me (who did not work for IKEA, just a helpful customer) helped me lift the palettes so that the cashier could count them all. When I finally paid her I asked if I could leave my cart behind her til in the empty lane while I walked 2km to parking lot E5 to grab my car and move it into the loading zone. “umm well actually no, you’ll have to just wheel it outside and try and find a guy out there to help you.” Fabulous, thanks.

I wheeled the cart outside, holding my breath as the cart got stuck in the snow and sand and the stupid vases clanked together. No one working in loading. Great.

I wheeled my cart back inside and flagged down what looked like a manager. I asked with a snippiness in my tone for her to please watch my cart for two minutes, because I didn’t come with someone, I wasn’t told that was a requirement to shop and IKEA, and that no one was working outside to help me. She said, “I can try and keep an eye on it.” Okay well that is the closest thing I will ever get to a yes out of these people. 

I ran to the car before she could try and change her mind, and I loaded the 64 vases broken into 5 palettes into my car, solo.

Why am I sharing this story? I want to save everyone the humiliation and shame you should feel for ever considering shopping alone. HA!

The week I met a Dragon

This week was probably one of the most nerve-racking and rewarding of my life. For the first time I spoke publicly about my struggle and recovery from my eating disorder. I worried at first about how people would respond, or worse the comments I would receive online. All week I was blown away with the support from friends, family, and complete strangers.

The most overwhelming feeling was opening my email on Wednesday morning and reading through the flood of support from others who have struggled with eating disorders, or are still struggling. It was a very important reminder of why I am doing this fundraiser, and why bring awareness to this disease is so important.

Words of encouragement came from one particularly special person, W.Brett Wilson, former star on CBC’s Dragons Den. He saw the article while visiting Winnipeg for a book signing, and sent me a few tweets.



I later had the opportunity to meet him in person, and hear about his daughter’s struggle. Last summer they raised $400,000 for eating disorders in Alberta. Hopefully, if his schedule allows, he will attend the first annual tea for E|D in February at the Fort Garry Hotel.

I just want to thank everyone around me for being so supportive all week. I can’t even being to express how grateful I am for your words of encouragement, and donations to the cause!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and buy your tickets 🙂

Cannes Lions at the WAG

In honour of Cannes Lions soon returning to the WAG, I thought I would share some of my favourite winners from last year. Going to the Cannes Lions screening last year was one of the most memorable moments in CreComm for me. I laughed, I cried, and it made me want to be able to do the same for others. I think this was the real moment that I realized the power of “The Big Idea.”

Even those that have no interested in an advertising, or may even hate advertising, should still experience Cannes. This event makes us remember that even though there are some beyond brutal executions out there, there are also some that manage to captivate us. There are still some ads that manage to make us laugh so hard we cry, or recreate something so beautiful that we cry even harder.

There it is. My lame ode to ad. My ridiculous soft spot for Cannes Lions.

“Welcome Back” – T-MOBILE

“Choir” – Coca-Cola

“Goodnight” – Sunrise Communications

“Product Testing Institute – Toddlers” – Xperia X10


The big finale. Any time you feel like you can’t do something, watch this video…

“Team Hoyt” – Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Telethon